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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? – An Insight on Dog’s Health

An unexpected behavior found in most dogs is they eat grass. Clearly, dogs are not cows hence it is questionable. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Even though no one has a certain answer to this question.

Yet pet experts are pretty sure there is nothing to worry about. So, if you notice your pet eating grass. Keep an eye and observe for any side effects of eating grass.

why do dogs eat grass

Though we have some recommended solutions by vets. Let us have in-depth knowledge of eating grass has any harmful effect or not on dogs?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

You might be concerned about why your dog is munching on grass although you already feed him with healthy food.

Dogs do show some unusual behavior. PICA word is used for disorder by eating things that are not food. There are two types of grass eating done by dogs, that is:

  • Natural Behavior

Some dogs eat grass on purpose. They show off such behavior when they need to get rid of something that is bothering them to digest. In simple words to vomit out food that makes them feel uncomfortable/ill.

Dogs eat grass to get relief from an upset stomach. You can observe your dog if he is not chewing grass properly. It means he needs to vomit something. Unchewed grass tickles in the throat so dogs vomit.

Such behavior is not harmful at all if your pet is not habitual of eating grass and vomiting without purpose.

  • Munching

The other reason your pet is happily eating grass is that either they like the taste or to balance their diet.

Experts say that dogs eat grass to balance any nutritional deficiency. But some dogs having a balanced diet also eat grass and suffer no illness. This is because they like the taste of grass.

dog munching on grass

Hence there is no need to worry until and unless your dog is well.

Veterinarian Reviews and Recommended Solutions

There has been no definitive research about dogs munching in the grass. No one has a clear answer due to less scientific research on this behavior of dogs.


We have some reviews from the vet’s around the world. They say dogs consume grass as an act of deficiency in their diet. For example deficiency in fiber, vitamins, etc.

Some experts argue this habit of eating grass was inherited from undomestic dogs. Because wild dogs are omnivorous (capable of eating both meat and plants). So, the domestic breed is just following their ancestors.

Other experts think dogs like the taste of grass. Whereas some say they intentionally eat to vomit.


Although there is no harm in eating grass if your dog is physically and mentally good.

But it is better to indulge him in healthy and fun activities. Make sure he is getting exercise. Give him chewable toys so he can get over his grazing habit.

Treat him by serving healthy snacks. Remake his diet chart so he gets all possible nutrients.

In short, Make all possible changes in your dog’s lifestyle which you think are the reasons for grazing. Contact a vet for more recommendations if this habit is becoming a concern.

Is Grass Dangerous for Dogs?

No, grass is not dangerous for dogs. But if you notice any abnormal change in your dog then it is harmful to your dog.

grass is not harmful for dog?s

Contact experts or vet for a bit of advice as soon as possible.

In conclusion, dog owners don’t have to be worried. No evidence is found yet on dogs eating grass is a big problem or not.

But for the safe side, this habit should not be appreciated and try to stop your dog from this behavior.

Moreover for any abnormality after eating grass is a concern. Look after any changes in behavior. Visit a vet. Take care of your loyal companion.

I hope you find this blog informative. For any query comment below and visit us for more information:


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