Why do dogs hide their heads? There are many reasons for your dog to hide his head. In most situations, it is nothing more than an inconvenience. While in some cases it is a natural way for a dog to find a cozy place, get a nap or hide from things that frighten him.

Why Do Dogs Hide Their Heads

If you have noticed your dog hiding his face and wondering why do dogs hide their heads. Then in this article, we will provide you details on why do dogs hide their heads. So to know the causes and considerations keep reading the article till the end.

Why Do Dogs Hide Their Heads?

As we have described earlier, dogs hide their heads for a multitude of reasons and it is quite natural. But if you see that this behavior becomes chronic or interfere with the life of your dog, then there is something to be worried about.

Dogs Hide Their Heads

Moreover, if you are seeing signs of pain or discomfort then he may be in pain are require medical attention. Common causes may include:

  • Abuse
  • Noise anxiety
  • Illness or injury
  • Protection and safety
  • Storm phobia
  • Solitude
  • Visiting strangers
  • Stress


Dogs who have suffered abuse or neglection tend to be fearful, nervous, and hide their heads under your bedroom closet to feel comfortable and safe. 


It is worth telling here that dogs who hide because of fear must not be treated aggressively or rudely. This is because fear can provoke hostility in animals.

Noise Anxiety

Dogs are afraid of sudden loud noises and will react by hiding whenever this happens. Some common reasons for noise anxiety in dogs include construction noises, vacuum cleaners, gunshots, and fireworks.

Noise Anxiety

This phobia to noise generally increases with repeated exposure to noise. In some cases, your dog may require anti-anxiety drugs to resolve this issue.

Protection And Safety

In some cases, your dog may be trying to find a safe place to get rid of or avoiding something that seems dangerous to him.

Protection And Safety

This type of response is the main reason for dog hiding when furniture is moved away or when there is an unfamiliar environment.


Most of the times dogs who are sleeping under the bed or couch while hiding are not necessary because of negative emotions.


This is simply finding a nice place to spend some time to take nap undisturbed.  This type of behavior is observed in dogs of all sorts.

Storm Phobia

Storm phobia is one of the most common causes of dogs hiding their faces. This phobia has multiple triggers that can lead to fear and discomfort for your dog.

Storm Phobia - why do dogs hide their heads

Thunder not only increases fear but the flash of lightning also contributes to this phobia.

Visiting Strangers

Many dogs hide their faces when a new person or animal is introduced to them.

Visiting Strangers - why do dogs hide their heads

If this is the reason your dog is hiding his face then you can resolve this behavior using deconditioning training.

If you find that this behavior of hiding heads is interfering with the life of your pet then you should make an appointment with the veterinary behavioralist. He will diagnose the problem and treat your pet in accordance.

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