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Why Do Dogs Yawn? – Dog’s Body Language

Everybody yawns. Yawning is a reflex that consists of air inhalation and stretching. It is true animals do yawn but why? Being more specific to dogs. We will let you know why do dogs yawn.

why do dogs yawn

Though yawning is not a reflex of human beings only but also animals do yawn. We know in human beings, it is a normal way of showing tiredness or boredom.

Let us observe dog’s body language. How and why do they yawn?

Yawn – What Is It?

Yawning is a form of boy language. It is a sign showing dullness, sleepiness or lack of interest in something. Dog do yawn by wide opening their mouths and stretching their bodies.

It is an appeasement gesture that is related to calmness. The best way to understand why your pet is yawning, you should observe the situation.

Dogs Yawn! Why?

In the dog’s language, it is a way of saying I have had enough of something. Yawn shows a lack of tolerance.


For instance; you are training your dog. If you observe your companion yawns. It means he is frustrated. He needs a break from a training session. So, next time you will have to seek his attention by improving the training sessions and make training more joyful.

Moreover, there are other reasons too why dogs yawn. They do because of boredom. Or they might be sleepy.


Let’s say you are waiting for your turn in a queue with your pup. It will take time to get to your turn until then your companion gets tired of waiting and he might stretch him/herself.

Interesting Facts Why Dogs Yawn!

Not only dogs yawn to show boredom or frustration. But also they tell us they are enjoying something by a yawn. Isn’t it strange? There are many surprising facts about dogs. You can always learn a new thing by observing their behavior.

pup yawning

Though they also show empathy by yawning.

One more interesting thing is whenever you cuddle or kiss your dog. There is a chance your dog will yawn. It is because your dog is relaxed.

Dogs even get rid of a stressful situation by yawning.

Though, we cannot be sure about why a dog yawned when he is not tired. There can be many reasons depending on the circumstances.

Is Yawn Contagious?

Animal researchers have studied and proved that in response to their owner’s yawn, dog yawn.

No doubt dogs are emotionally connected to their partners. In such cases, studies show that contagious/communicable yawning is a form of showing empathy. That usually means anxiety, stress, fatigue.

Moreover, the dog responds to fake yawns too which tells that they were showing true contagious yawning.

Notable Dog’s Body Language

Other than yawning there is more to observe in a dog. Dog communicates with us in body language. Pet owners and experts are observing dogs so they can look for more signs. Sometimes each dog shows a different body sign.

Below are a few signs of common body languages

  1. Smelling muzzle first
    It is a female dog’s way of greeting by smelling the mouth first. Whereas male dogs smell anogenital.
  2. Humping
    Some dogs relieve stress by humping. It is observed that male-male humping is 16 times more than female partners. It is both a sexual or non-sexual body language. A way to seek attention.
  3. Gazing
    Whenever you encounter a dog gazing into your eyes. It means he is connecting to you in a good way. Oxytocin level or love hormone is increased in both dog and human beings.

animal yawn

Dogs are real in every way. They are faithful companions. You can learn more about dogs by keeping an eye on them. Depending upon the situation you can understand why do they yawn or what are they trying to convey.

There is nothing to worry about if your dog is yawning. It is part of life and normal to yawn just like human beings.

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