Why Do Female Dogs Hump? – Animal Sensual Behavior

Humping, mounting, thrusting or masturbating is common among dogs. Not only male dog hump but also female dog does. You may wonder why do female dogs hump?

Why do female dogs hump

Many people ask this question. Though the answer is not dirty. Humping in female varies due to many reasons. It is normal behavior. But it should not be ignored or encouraged in dogs.

There are many reasons why, when and how does a female dog hump. Let us learn more about it.

Humping in Dogs

Humping in dogs mean to do some physical sensual activities. Even if a dog is spayed or neutered they do practice humping. They do it for fun, before sexual activity or when a dog is on heat. It is a form of flirting too.

Female Dogs Hump!  Why?

Male dogs are not the only ones to hump. Everyone in the animal kingdom practices humping. Yet, it is normal but after some point, this habit should be stopped.

Dogs hump on other dogs, animals or a pillow or the leg. Puppies hump on their littermates, toys or people. They do it for future sexual activities.

At the mature age when male dogs are away from female dogs in heat they hump. And vice versa when female dogs are on the heat they practice the same on any object or female dogs.

female puppies humping

Call it humping or mounting. It is a natural behavior in dogs. Either male or female. It is a response to arousal in some dogs. Whereas in some dogs it is just a way to show superiority.


Here are a few reasons why female dogs do it.

  1. Boredom and Stress
    It is the same as when a dog bites, howl, whine or bark when being bored. Female dogs hump when she is bored. Even more to relieve stress, dogs hump.
    Engage your dog in some activities so that she does not make it a habit. Remove bored or stressful environments.
  2. Medical Issues
    Sometimes the dog does it when they feel physical pain so they could feel good. Furthermore, if your dog has some problems while urinating. It is expected your dog might hump.
    You should visit a vet in such situations.
  3. Sexual Activity
    It is observed that humping activity is practiced at an early age. Puppies both male or female engage in such behavior for sex education.
    At the age of maturity, they do it for flirting. Female dogs do when they are on heat.
    It is a learned behavior to get pleasure from.
  4. Itching in Genital Area
    Female dogs often hump due to itching in their genital parts. They might be uncomfortable. Take your dog to a vet so she gets rid of any problem.
  5. Habit
    Due to all the above reasons. Some dogs start enjoying a lot that they make it a habit. It is not in their control then.
    Dogs should not be ignored because it is an unhealthy thing if done regularly. Stop them immediately from doing so.

When it is Unhealthy to Hump?

Humping twice a day is considered normal. Even if dogs do it occasionally due to any serious reason it is pretty normal. For medical issue visit a vet.

female pup

If you notice your dog is humping without any reason then its time for some training. Try different techniques so he/she stops. Visit a vet for consultation and follow the instructions.

When humping becomes a habit you have to take some action. It can cause some serious side effects on physical and mental health too.

How to Stop Female dogs to Hump

Though humping is harmless it is not something to encourage. People are also bothered by this habit of dogs. Although it is natural but no one wants their friends to see.

No need to worry there are ways to discourage this behavior. You will have to give some time to your companion. Plan some different activities to make your companion stop from bad habits.

  1. You can try to distract them with a toy, bone or any object.
  2. If they are humping on you. You can sit in a different position so it is not possible for them to Hump on you.
  3. Moreover, you can spay your dog. Because spaying reduces the amount of humping.
  4. Keep your dog busy.
  5. Make a stress free environment for your dog.
  6. Take care of hygiene.

If none of the above is helpful then visit a vet. Dog experts will let you know some other remedies or if there is some serious issue going on.

Dogs humping

For sure humping is natural but your dog should not be habitual of it.

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