In the context of a relationship, trusting someone means that they are reliable according to your perspectives and you have confidence in them. Also, you feel comfortable and safe physically and emotionally with them. This is one of the important emotions of the life through which we build relationships.


It is the building block of any relationship and if it is not present, the foundation will always remain wobbly.  Not trusting anyone word can come up in life due to different reason and if you are one of those people who have trust issues, then in this article, we will explore the psychology of trust issue i.e. what causes trust issues and overcoming the trust issues with simple tricks, so read the complete article.

Signs Of Trust Issues

Trust issues can be the major obstacle in the connection with other people. When you are having trust issues you can’t extend yourself, which is an important factor for any relationship to last long. Given below are some of the signs of trust issues you can have:

The Signs Of Trust Issue

  • You predict that people will deceive you even when there is no such evidence.
  • You trust people with whom you have no business or they only take advantage of you.
  • Uncomfortable to communicate with the closed one.
  • You don’t want to share or think that sharing is not caring.
  • You do not want to attach to the people you know you will lose.
  • Any genuine mistake seems extreme violation of trust to you.
  • You seem unforgiving and impossible to please, to others.
  • You feel lonely and isolated.

What Causes The Trust Issues?

There can be many reasons for not trusting anyone and they can vary person to person. Given below are some of them.

Childhood Experience

experience in childhood

There can be many apathetic and awful experiences in childhood that contribute to trust issues. As children are more sensitive than adults, they understand the things at developing stages.

For instance, failure of the parents to fulfill their promises creates insecurity and lack of trusting again. Also, the experience of any sexual abuse can be a reason for not trusting anyone in the future.

Excess Of Demand

The Excess Of Demand

When you demand too much in a relationship, you forget that human can do mistakes, you do not excuse the slightest mistake in others. You have an extreme sense of loyalty that leaves no room for human imperfections.

In such scenario, when a person makes a mistake, even when there was a genuine reason behind that, you think, he is betraying you. For instance, if he gets late you think, he is cheating on you.

Suffering A Lot


The pain of traumatic situations which frequently occur in one’s life can be the reason behind not trusting anyone. When you are tired of these painful situations and are afraid to again getting into such situations then you don’t  take risk to do it again.

Despite all the benefits of friendships if you are not willing to take on the trust of anyone that probably it is because you are not comfortable to open your heart. In the past, if any of your friends was unable to keep your secret than definitely, you will not do such thing again.



If you are suffering from the trust issues then in this position you are bounded by negative beliefs about your own life and bad luck as a habitual rule.

Having Suffered A Deception

Suffered A Deception

If you are engaged in a relationship with a person who constantly tells a lie to you or disenchants you by making you believe something that was not real then you may wonder if it really is worth having faith in others. In this way, you put aside the people who are really worthy.

Overcoming The Trust Issues

After you have realized the causes of not trusting anyone here are some tips to overcoming the trust issue

Trust Yourself


According to a research a person treats others can be a reflection of how he treats himself. Therefore, the first step in order to trust others is to trust yourself first. Your level of trust towards others can be in constant balance with your own level of self-confidence.

Open new doors in lives, instead of creating walls. Put aside the prejudices that lead you to be a pessimist and leads you to make negative views about others.

Forgive Mistakes Of Others

Forgive Mistakes Of Others

Humans are not perfect and they can make mistakes so can you. If your closed one makes a mistake, in that case, remember he was by your side at a very important moment. Try to analyze how, throughout your life, there have been people who have shown you the significant value of trust.

And there was a time when you have supported other friends in difficult situations. Just as you acted in this way, other people would have done it for you as well. You should try to trust others by keeping in mind this perspective.

Take The Example Of Optimists

Example Of Optimists

Observe the example of those people who stand out for their social commitment and through their works improve the quality of life of those around them. They have also faced tragic moments in life but despite pains they proved themselves to be a perfect example of determination and a source of happiness for others.

Improve Your Communication

Improve Communication

If you have a habit of predicting that the other person will deceive you even when you know, it is not true, In that situation, try to improve your communication. Talk about the issues you are having with that person instead of creating negative views in mind.

Note: This article is merely informative. In case, you feel that your trust issue is leading you towards psychological problems such as depression and you can’t overcome it alone, then it is recommended to seek the advice of professionals. You can go to the Psychiatrist if these tips are not working for you.

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