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Why I Don’t Lose Any Weight When I Diet?

Nothing is more disappointing when you give it your all at the gym and bring healthier changes in your diet, only to see that the needle on the scale hasn’t budged at all since the last time you checked your weight (which was probably seven days ago).

This Try Articles article highlights all the possible reasons for your grief related to not being able to lose after trying out all available and plausible options.

Why I Don't Lose Any Weight When I Diet

 Read on to find some very surprising reasons to your “weight loss trap” of not losing weight. Bear in mind no matter the mistakes you might be making, routinely vigorous exercise is still a must do.

Two categories of people fit in this very common plight: People who just can’t lose weight, and people who lose weight for a while and then put it back on all over again.

Whichever type you fit in, stay put. We’ve figured it out for you!

You might think you lack motivation or have some other hormonal problem that is making it harder for you to lose weight. Or maybe the diet plan you’re following isn’t working for you, while in reality you just might be making some pretty common “eating” errors that even seasoned dieters fall into.

When you lose weight, your body fights back; getting your facts straight will help you enormously to jump back on the weight-loss bandwagon. Bear in mind no matter the mistakes you might be making, routinely vigorous exercise is still a must do.

You Aren’t Getting The Right Amount Of Calories

Hold up! Isn’t the whole point of a diet to cut down on calories?  But a calorie isn’t just a calorie, it depends on where your body is getting that calorie from. Calories from sugars digest faster while calories from protein or unsaturated fat stay longer in your system. You need to find the right balance between cutting down on calories and getting the appropriate amount of proteins, vitamins, and fiber.


Besides drastically cutting down on calories can lower your metabolic rate. The scarcity of calories makes your body go into survival. If your calorie count per day is below 1200 (calories per day) you need to re-evaluate your dieting plan. You should focus on incorporating the nutritional value of your diet to improve weight and maintain health rather than fretting over calorie count.

Do Not Skip Meals

Similar to cutting calories, cutting out meals isn’t really the right way to go for “healthy” weight loss. Starving yourself throws the balance of your body out of control as several systems (endocrine, neurological and gastrointestinal) are involved in monitoring your body’s’ energy. Chemical signals involved in controlling your appetite are sent to your brain.

Skipping Meals

According to specialists, skipping meals messes up the brains “energy-balance” system. This causes the brain to push the weight back to where it was or even above it.  In other words, your body loses its ability to feel full and fights back. Instead of skipping meals, listen to your body’s signals: eat when hungry, stop when full.

If you lack self-control (food is everybody’s weakness), keep a comprehensive food journal for at least 2 weeks. Seeing a clear picture of your daily consumption will help you make a small adjustment to your diet to help you lose weight in a healthy way. Aim by reducing your body weight by 1 percent per week.

You Reward Yourself With Food When You Exercise

High Calorie Reward After Exercise

Reaching your targeted goal for burning calories per day is cause for merriment. But that should not equal to a high-calorie treat. Whether on a diet or exercising for well-being, you need to keep your calories in check. You are likely to underestimate how much you eat and how much you burned making all your hard work go to waste.

Binge Eating (On Healthy Foods)

Binge Eating

A trap laid by the devil himself. Many inveterate dieters fall prey to this. This is a natural side effect of dieting. Binge eating entails consuming more food than your body requires. While some people may cheat and binge on junk food, some binge on healthy foods like nuts, cheese or nut butter. Just because it is healthy does not mean the calories do not count. Avoid a binge session, a single binge session can set you back by an entire week worth of dieting.

Say No To Diet Drinks

No Diet Sodas

According to research diet drinks are the most fattening items in our food supply. It might not have calories but it still tastes sweet, this can cause your body to hold on to those calories as fat. Yikes!

This doesn’t all apply to soda, healthy beverages like “vitamin water” are also decked with sugar. Researchers say that artificial sweeteners raise your body’s insulin levels and lower your blood sugar levels. This encourages hunger, making the existing calories to be stored as fat. Practice control when it comes to sugary drinks.

Keep Track Of Your Daily Consumption

How can you eat less and still satisfy your body’s hunger? The key to this is change how you eat and when you eat it. In other words be watchful of what you put in your mouth. “Awareness” is vital when trying to lose weight, dieters are clueless about how much they are actually eating. Paying attention to how you eat is highly important. Instead of consuming your meal rapidly, take small bites and chew slowly.

Tracking Daily Food Consumption

Likewise, don’t let the size of the plate trick you into thinking you are eating less or more. Other triggers that can trick you into eating more are buffet meals, eating directly from a packet and watching television. Yes, watching television acts as a distraction. It is important to disengage from such acts to satisfy your hunger.

Don’t Follow A “Fad” Diet

Don't Follow Fad Diets

There are plenty of diets that claim they’re the most effective and healthy when it comes to losing weight. But these diets usual cut out whole food groups and focus on macro-nutrients and restricting calories.

Sticking to healthy calories will benefit you more in the long run than replacing calories with low fats or protein-rich foods. A balanced diet will help you achieve your goals with ease and show long-term results.

Drink Up

Drink Water

We’re obviously talking about water. Just like how oil keeps a machinery running, water performs the same function for us. As our body is almost 60 percent water, it is vital to our overall performance. How does it aid in weight loss, it acts as an alternative to sugary beverages, thereby decreasing calories.

If you think drinking water is taxing, up the number of vegetables and fruits that have high water content. To name a few: cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelons, sweet rock, grapefruit, and strawberries.


Lastly, do not slack in exercising. Eating right is only one half of the weight loss game. If you are lowering your calories and not exercising, you will still be burning fewer calories. This cancels out your overall calories consumed and leads to limited weight loss which is why the needle on the scale doesn’t budge. A healthy diet and exercising have a cumulative effect on weight loss.

Exercise With Diet

One alone can not achieve what they do cumulatively. Hence drastically cutting out calories is not wise as you need to have enough energy to exercise. Exercises like cardio (running, swimming, jogging) are very effective in cutting down belly fat. Cardio along with lifting weights can help tone down body fat and increase muscle mass.

Bottom-line, don’t think of this as “dieting” instead you should just focus on nourishing your body with healthy calories and vitamins instead of skipping meals. Weight loss will follow as a side effect of this.

We hope you found this article helpful and it was a source of motivation for you on your weight loss journey. The Try Articles team is always awaiting your feedback!

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