Why I’m Always Angry? – Find The Answer

Anger is the feeling of frustration and response towards certain situations. The anger is normal if it occurs sometimes at optimum level but if it increases to a specific level then it’s not normal and you may need to discover the reason behind this anger.Why I'm Always Angry - Find The Answer

Here at Tryarticles, I am going to discuss some reasons that why anger raises to the normal condition.

Reasons That Why People Feel Angry All The Time?

Sometimes, some experiences change the behavior towards anything or life and sometimes certain things may be so irritated and disturbed that people feel frustrated and show negative response including anger to run off from the situation using many defense mechanisms.

Majority of the people show anger but if you notice that someone is angry all the time it means that he may suffer from any problematic situation. Here are some reasons that help you to know about the people who feel angry all the time.

Anxiety Creates Anger

There is definitely a reason that direct and change the behavior toward anything. People behave in response to some specific conditions that disrupt their mind and their reaction decides that either these situations affect positively or negatively to a person.

Anxiety is the feeling of fear, irritation or sadness that creates the frustration in the mind. Anxiety creates flight or fight response in the body that you have to cope with the situation and if you successfully cope up the situation it means you are fighting and the other way is to runoff from the situation which means that your flight from the situation occurs.Anxiety Creates Anger

Anxiety causes several problems and disorders in people and affects psychological health also. The thinking and thoughts change from positive towards negative and feeling of worry may disrupt the mind all the time. So people often show their anxiety in the form of anger.

Anxiety may be created due to any reason or issue that is unpleasant for the person who suffers the anxiety and then shows anger. If the anxiety disrupts the daily routine then the level of anger becomes high in people so we can say that anxiety is the sign of anger. Due to anxiety, any disorder may also arise in persons.

Depression And Anger

Depression is generally considered as the feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in daily activities of life, it is the serious mental illness that negatively affects the daily working routine and people may limit themselves in their room with a closed door and dim light.

This hopelessness also motivates them to do suicide because there’s no reason left to live for depressive people. Depression is not only the feeling of sadness it can also negatively affects the mood. The mood swings may occur and factor of impatience towards the situation is also a sign of depression.Depression and anger

Depression also creates the feeling of anger in people and some people also try to cope up with their depression showing anger. They want to release depression to relax their mind so they show anger often and sometimes this anger cross the optimum level.

The anger is normal in certain situations but if it crosses the optimum level it may occur many times in a day so it is not normal and if anger decreases from optimum level it is also not normal because normal people show their anger but if people do not show anger in anytime they might also be suffering from a problem. Here are some signs that can help you to identify the depression in people.

  • Feeling of sadness.
  • Mood swings.
  • Hopelessness about future.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Feeling of anger.
  • Loss of interest in life activities.


Modeling is the learning by observation and people also adapt the characteristics from observation. Most of the people do modeling and they copy the specific characteristics of their teachers, parents, friends, family members or other people of the society. So anger may be cause of adopting style of others like some boys show anger because their fathers show anger at home.Modeling

The environment of the home also affects the psychological condition of people a lot. Most children follow and copy their parents so when their parents show anger they also copy this anger and show out at certain situations.

Demands Of Life

Nowadays in this modern age, the demands of life increase a lot because competition increases and the people who cannot manage these demands properly they often involved with the feeling of anger. These people mostly show their anger due to an imbalance of demands and needs of life.Demands Of Life

So level of anger increases as the demands increase in the life and if these demands are not balanced properly the anger crossed an optimum level. The working demands, society demands, demands of family or other people can disturb the mind and creates the anger that does not relax the mind of people.

Self-Inflicted Anger

Self-inflicted anger may be also present in the people who feel guilt or shame and this anger is not dangerous for others but for own self, it is harmful because people feel angry about their own self and try to hurt themselves.Self-Inflicted Anger

Such people have negative thoughts and feelings about their own self and they even blame their self for no reasons or due to misunderstandings. So such type of anger is harmful to the persons who blame their own self for any critical or tough situation in the life.


Misunderstandings create a lot when people do not try to accept their mistake and blame others for everything. Then it results in the form of disruptive relationships with many conflicts and misunderstandings. So people show anger because these misunderstandings disturb their mind.Misunderstandings

This occurs due to lack of acceptance when people do not accept their mistakes for any difficulty. So they face many problems with their close relationships and as result, they feel angry many times with others also. Anger that presents all the times and disrupts the mood is the sign of disturbed mind of people.

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