I need more tissues, Hooman! You must have witnessed your cat sneezing a lot at times. Although it is not an uncommon behaviour when it comes to the felines, still this can raise concern. Read on and find a satisfying answer on why is my cat sneezing and how to fix it.

why is my cat sneezing

Signs and Symptoms for Cat Sneezing

Cats sneeze because they have to but the symptoms and signs of cat sneezing generally include:

  • Watery eyes or runny eyes
  • They start squinting their eyes but this can also be the reason of developing ulcers in the cornea.
  • A clear coloured discharge from the nose which turns soon into a yellow colour.
  • They are showing signs of lethargy and laziness.
  • There is a bloody discharge from the nose.
  • The signs of redness in the eyes or the pink eye signs.
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Difficulty in breathing and obvious display of noisy breathing by the kitty.

They sneeze in a human-like fashion and clearly for the same reasons too. The inside of their tiny nose can get irritated by many stimuli and trigger the response in a tiny burst of air and mucus.

Just to assure you that this act is of no serious nature and should not raise concerns. Unless there occurs a sudden change in their activity levels and behaviour, in general.

Why Is My Cat Sneezing & What Causes Sneezing?

Most of the times, the signs and symptoms aren’t that serious. At times they can really mess up the cat’s routine and normal behaviour patterns. There are many factors at play which causes sneezing in kitties.

Some of these factors include:

  • Irritants Are In the Air

Just like men, cats also don’t like irritants such as dust and smoke particles floating in the air. These irritants trigger a sudden response in form of sternutation.

sneezing remedy in felines

If your cat is an obedient one and likes to follow you around even in the kitchen, chances are high she might get irritated by the spices. Besides, house cleaning agents such as sprays, detergents are also irritants.

Most often these cleaning products contain ingredients having a pungent odour. This nasty and unpleasant odour is not always well received by the furry felines.

Even the pleasant aroma of herbs such as cinnamon and pepper is utterly disliked by the already sneezing cats.

Unusual Materials or Objects

In the second factor to solidify the case against why is my cat sneezing is because of unusual materials or objects lying around. As curious creatures, they like to inspect every object, be it outdoor or indoor.

why is my cat sneezing

This way some toxic or sticky objects stick to the inside of their nose and causing sternutation as a response. These objects include grass and dirt most of the times.

Don’t try to remove it on your own if the object sticks in the nose. Take your pet to the doctor for a professional and effective relief from the trouble.

Oral Hygiene At Play

If your kitty is going through some oral infection or illness, she will sneeze more as the bacteria broods in the nasal sinus of the feline. If not treated on time, the entire body can get infected.

sneezing cat remedies

Always look for the oral hygiene of your Hooman friend as it can be painful and really troublesome for the pet.

Pest Infection and Viruses

Pests and pets can never go along well as these pesky pests can cause serious, life-threatening illnesses in the healthy and active pets all of a sudden.

felines and flu through pests

Some of these pests’ induced illnesses are known as herpes, rabies, ringworm and toxoplasmosis. Except for toxoplasmosis, these viruses cannot be transferred to humans. But they may prove fatal for men as well.

Respiratory Infections

In most felines, the occurrence of viruses dates back when they are just kitten and at that time might develop an upper respiratory infection.

respiratory infections in cats

They can also become chronic carriers of this virus, causing an upper respiratory infection at some point letter in the adult cats. In case of stress or a low immune system, this disease can easily reoccur.

You can keep cats from scratching the furniture if they get too anxious either by trimming their claws or bringing them artificial posts to scratch for instant anxiety relief.

These respiratory infections are contagious and only spreads from a cat to the other cat. This does not spread from cats to men.

Flu in Cats

Cats sneezing occur because of cat flu as well. Like humans, they can also develop symptoms of flu. If your kitten is not properly vaccinated, she will contract the flu easily.

why is my cat sneezing

Get your cat vaccinated properly as it may cause the chronic rhinitis, also known as long term inflammation in pets. This usually surfaces at the inside of the nose and can damage it.

If you see your cat making weird noises or wonder about the usual behaviour that why do cats chirp, it can be because of after sneezing, they chirp to avoid recalling this unpleasant experience.

How to Treat Sneezing Cats: Sneezing Cat Remedy

It is okay to ignore sneezing in cats if they rarely show this behaviour. However, if they sneeze in a regular and recurring fashion, it can be a sign of worry and you should begin assessing the environmental factors first.

cat flu and remedies for sneezing

Keep all the exotic spices and cleaning items away from the cat territories. Also, wash and regularly clean the dust accumulated in carpets and the pet’s toys.

In the same manner, do regular dusting and use specific high duty vacuums to clean the carpets and to remove cat urine odor to remove irritants from the air. Most of the time, by sticking to a regular cleaning routine, the sneezing goes away.

When Can I Take My Cat to The Vet: What Causes Sneezing

If the symptoms aren’t reversed anytime soon and the pet is kept on showing the same signs, its high time to consider taking your pet to the vet. The vet will examine the cat for any obvious or hidden signs of a serious illness.

why do cats sneeze

Now that you have become quite similar to what causes sneezing and why do cats sneeze so much, it is time that you look and monitor the symptoms and assess yourself, why is my cat sneezing and is this pattern regular or rare.

Consider it your responsibility as a pet parent and take well care of your furry friend in a pawleasent and kind way.

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