Why You Should Not Put Extra Loud Cat Bell?

Although it is natural for us that cat wearing a bell and for many years it has been seen as a nice accessory. In this post, we explain why you should not put an extra loud cat bell on your cat, and why is not as good an idea as you thought.

We should not put a bell on cat due to many reasons like it creates noise, it is not only repetitive and annoying for you, but is also harmful to your cat’s health.

Extra Loud Cat Bell

Why it is bad for Cat’s health is because it is too close to their ears and in the long-term, this powerful and constant noise can affect your cat’s sharp hearing.

Extra Loud Cat Bell

Many people asked a question that why we shouldn’t put extra loud cat bell? many asked that do bells on cats can protect birds. So answers are there in this post all you need to complete it as it will not take much time. So let’s first answer the question that extra loud cat bell can protect birds?

Do Bell on Cat can Protect Birds?

The answer is Yes and even No, you might be thinking about the reasons for both Yes and No. So the reason is that Yes bells and collars do reduce hunting success but they can’t protect young birds.

Young birds who haven’t even learned to fly or even to be cautious about cats so bell can’t protect them.  While adult birds are to protect a nest so they are likely to take on a cat even if it is wearing a bell.

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Cat Collar with a Bell to warn Birds

As noticeably Cats normally rely on being secretive while hunting and this behavior let them get close to their target, unseen. When people put Birdsbesafe’s bright colors then it helps birds to see cats easily before getting attacked. According to study expectation to catch birds become 87% less when cats wearBirdsbesafe covers or colors and even bells.

cat collars

Cat collars are also important as an age-old technique of attaching a bell to warn birds is losing its effectiveness, an expert said cats are learning to walk without ringing them cat owners need to regularly change their cat’s bell.

Why You Should Not Put Bell on Cat?

We should put a bell on a cat as it has many reasons and all of them are mentioned here, have a look:-

why we should not put cat collars

  • Noise
  • Changes Cat Mood
  • Trouble for Cats
  • Decreases Cat’s Wildlife
  • Make Easiness for Cat
  • Noise

The main reason is the noise, it is not only annoying for you but is also harmful to your cat’s health. As the bell is too close to their ears so has constant noise which can impair your cat’s sharp hearing.

  • Changes Cat Mood

The bell’s ring can affect your cat’s mood as the ringing sound coming from their neck will make your feline very nervous. With a bell, you are putting your cat and yourself on edge, leading to a stressed cat.

  • Trouble for Cats

collar with a bell ringing is all but convenient.it creates trouble for cats as many try to get it off. Cats even byte to get rid of a bell as many cases of injured cats reported. It is possible that your cat has grown used to it, but nothing is at all natural about carrying this around its neck.

  • Decreases Cat’s Wildlife

Another reason for putting a bell on your cat cause decrease in it’ Decreases Cat’s Worldliness as it warns it’s prey to run.

  • Make Easiness for Cat

You should also make easiness for your cat so try to only put it on from time to time or buy a small one. You can even use color for this purpose as wearing a collar does not need to have a bell. Put yourself in cat’s position, as it seems funny or cute does not mean you should ruin your cat’s hearing and peace.

I hope all you can now decide what to do with your cat, we will appreciate your feedback. You can give your feedback in a comment section Thanks.

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