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Being a Witness at a Civil Wedding – All you Need to Know

In case that your closed ones are about to get married soon and you are invited to be there on their civil wedding, then you might be wondering what it takes to be a witness at a civil wedding. What is the role of the witness in a civil wedding? Your mind would be toppled up with a lot of question and you want answers to all of them. Some common questions regarding that would include that, how many of the witnesses are required, is it necessary that witness should be a close relative?.

WITNESS AT A CIVIL WEDDINGIt has also been noticed that the number of the witness on a civil wedding and the role of the witness on a civil wedding varies regarding different religious beliefs. Keeping in mind that no matter what religion they belong to they would owe the same responsibilities. Although this is of great importance that whether the people who are attending the wedding as a witness are close the couple who is going to be married.

Now without any further delay, we will provide you with every information and detail required to be a witness at a civil wedding. It would include the types of witnesses, generating a marriage certificate, who could be the one to do signature in place of witness and much more.

Generating a Marriage Certificate


The very first thing that the witness of the civil wedding has to take care of is about the marriage certificate. This all has to be done before the day of the wedding. The ones who are going to be married have to go to the courthouse or they can go to the office where the official registry happens along with one witness. This one witness has to appear in front of the officials of the state who is in charge of this process.

Eligibility to be a witness on a civil wedding

Eligibility to be a witness on a civil wedding

There is a certain criterion which should be met for the one who is going to be at the wedding as the witness. If he does not meet this certain criterion then he won’t be eligible to be there as a witness to a civil wedding. This could include

  • The witness should be over the age of 18 years.
  • The witness should be present at the time of wedding event along with the bride & groom.
  • He should also bring some document which would be used to verify the identity of bride & groom.
    This has to be kept in mind that in some places when you visit the registry office the witness should not be the reliving of those who are going to be married. Though it is not always the case, so you should get to know about the registry rules of your area before going there.

What is the Role of the Witness in Civil Wedding?


Talking about the role of the witness in a civil wedding, then the witness has to give the confirmation that both of them are here according to there will and are not forced to be here and signing these documents. Infrequent cases the whole event has to take place in front of a judge, some officials or the mayor along with 2 witnesses.

From all of the above, we can conclude by saying that there is one requirement which has to be met which is the witness should be the adult (of the age of 18 years). This is not necessary to be the relative or not. He could be any dear one to both them.

Defining the role of 2 witnesses in a civil marriage is to be the witness of the event that has taken place. They also have to sign the documents of marriage.

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