How To Work Out With A Hula Hoop?

Hula Hoop is very popular in youngsters as a fun game. But it is equally beneficial for health improvement and muscle strength. Using hula hoop as an exercise tool, however, needs some techniques and better planning. Hula hoop can benefit your entire body; it gives strength to your muscles, helps in losing extra fats, tones your abdomen, improves heart, helps build up stamina, provides strength and flexibility to your spine and helps your mind to increase concentration.

workout with hula hoop

But to derive all the above benefits out of hula hooping, you must follow a plan and learn how to do various exercises with a hula hoop. Here we will guide you through to your perfect hula hoop workout plan. Let us see how you can do it?

Exercise # 1 – Forward Movement

While standing upright and a hula hoop around your waist, place your right foot slightly forward to the other one and your chest straight up. Now tuck your pelvis a little while keeping your shoulders straightened. Bend your knees. While holding the hoop around the lower back, push it slightly in an anticlockwise direction.

Forward Movement

When the hoop starts its motion, quickly shift the body weight from one foot to the other while moving hips forward, backward, sideways. Keep the hoop in the middle of your body with the help of upward push of hips. Keep moving the hoop in above position for at least 2-3 minutes. With short intervals in between, repeat this exercise for 10-15 times.

Exercise # 2 – Side To Side Movement

Stand upright with feet slightly away from each other, even wider than the line of shoulders. With the hoop on your waist, spin it strongly around the waist and keep it revolving with the hips movement from one side to the other. Keep the head and chest straight upwards and abs muscles tightened.

Forward Movement With Hula Hoop

Remember, the harder you hit the hoop with your waist sides, the stronger will be the movement of hoop thus keeping it in the correct position around the waist. Do 10-15 repetitions of 2-3 minutes workout with short intervals.

Exercise # 3 – Walking Movement

Rotate the hoop around your waist and start moving forward. Each time the hoop hits your waist, move one step forward while keeping the hula hoop in a parallel position with the ground. During your movement forward, one step each time, make sure the hoop should touch the sides of your waist alternately on each side.

Walking Movement

Once you have moved reasonably forward, start coming back, taking backward steps. This may be somewhat difficult for the beginners but with the passage of time, you will feel it quite easy. Keep on doing forward and backward movement while keeping the hoop under control, for at least 2 minutes. Give a short break and repeat the same for 10 times a day.

Exercise # 4 – Spin Around 360 Degrees

While keeping the hoop rotating around your waist, bring your right foot forward a little, while the left foot should remain anchored firmly on the floor. Start spinning your body towards left while swinging the right foot to a full circle or 360 degrees angle, i.e. rotate or spin the body using your left foot as an axis.

Once spun around 360 degrees, come back to original position. It may be somewhat difficult in the beginning, so, you may try the movement without the hoop. Once you are accustomed to the spin, it will be a lot easier with the hoop. Remember to shift the direction of spin of your body.

Spin Around 360 Degrees

Start with left foot anchored while swinging the right foot.  Then shift the feet. Now anchor the right feet and swing the left one. Obviously, the hoop movement will also be changed from anti-clockwise to clockwise. 10 – 15 repetitions with short intervals is quite reasonable for the day.

Exercise # 5 – Prayer Position

This is very interesting exercise; here the hoop will not be around your waist, it will rotate around your hands.

Raise the left arm upwards. Start moving the hoop around your raised left hand. Once the hoop gets the rhythm and maintains its position around your hand, raise your right arm as well, up to the same position as of left hand. Join both hands together with palms touching each other, just as if you are praying. Keep rotating the hoop around the joined palms.

prayer position

Remember, the hoop might start falling; keep it in position with the help of both thumbs extended. To keep your body balanced, you will have to give a slight bend to your knees. Keep doing this for at least 2 minutes and repeat for 10-15 times with short intervals.

Exercise # 6 – Lunges And Dips

While holding the hoop in one hand with palm pointing towards the floor, start rotating the hoop, clockwise, around your body. When the hoop comes towards the back of your body, shift the hand and then bring the hoop back in front of your body. Keep rotating the hoop around your body with the shift of hands. Doing so, the hoop will be circling around your body.

lunges and dips

Once you have attained balance in circling the hoop around your body, take forward and backward lunges. Also try squats, while rotating the hoop around your body. 10 lunges and 10 squats are sufficient for one session. You may increase the numbers gradually, once you are accustomed to it.

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