During your studies or the job, you are being asked to do a research project. It is not mandatory that your research project gives a good result or point of view. Whatever the result your project gives, the necessary thing is that your document must be technically strong. To write a high quality piece of work it is important that you must provide precise information and include all the major steps including methodology.

The methodology is the part of any document which describes the objectives of the experiment and the methods applied to achieve those goals. But what are the stages to achieve these objectives? In this article, we will explore stages of methodology to accomplish an objective, so read the article until the end.

Short Introduction

short introduction of methodology

The introduction to the methodology section should set aims for experimental research or re-describe them briefly if they have been covered in previous section. It should also suggest different hurdles that may come in the way of achieving these goals. This basic introduction should have been written in one paragraph and should cover all the objectives briefly.

Summary Of Your Research Methodology

Summary of your work

This section should be longer than the introduction but not long like an essay. This short summary should cover all the major components of the methods that you have used to direct your research, including all the details. Keep in mind that the purpose of this summary is to inform the readers who are not interested in reading all the details of stages of methodology which you have described later. This section should have its own header.

Describe Methodology With A New Heading

Describe Methodology With A New Heading

This is the first part of the extended methodology and describes the methods of collection of data and information. This section should be precise and it must describe the parameters you have used to get the quality research goals with the help of collection of data. Materials, participants, duration of research and step by step procedures can be written in multiple paragraphs.

Next in the expanded methodology writing will be the section of the data analysis. These paragraphs should cover all details of the system or approach that was used to draw meaningful conclusions from the collected data.

Correct And Edit Your Work

Correct And Edit Your Work

It is necessary that you make your own heading of methodology in the content table. After writing your report re-read it and edit all the mistakes. Make sure to write in the past tense. When writing a research paper for a class, always refer to the specific style and composition guidelines given in the class.

I hope now you have understood howto write the research methodology and if you have any query then write it down in the comments section. For more articles of your interest, you may visit Education category at TryArticles.