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WYD Meaning: What Does WYD Mean In Texting

WYD is an internet slang, which is used in hashtags on twitter, facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These days usage of slang words is getting popular, people use the maximum acronyms in online texting. If you face this abbreviation and didn’t know WYD meaningWhat does it stand for? no need to worry, in this article you get everything about WYD.

What does WYD mean in texting

Usage of social media networking sites and chatting applications such as messenger, WhatsApp is quite popular. People use such abbreviations for an instant response to a message.

There are many slang words which are trending these days on social sites such as LMK, ILY, AFAIK, and YH. If you are social sites user then you must know such shorthand terms.

What Does WYD Means? (WYD Meaning)

WYD is an abbreviation of “What You Doing” or “What are You Doing“.  WYD meaning is clear from its full form or sentence. It is used as the exact way as used in normal routine face-to-face conversation.

wyd meaningWYD is a question people usually ask from each other in real life. If we see its full form, which is “What you Doing” is grammatically incorrect, “are” is missing in it. In this era, the English language is becoming lazy due to online chatting sites and applications. People not only changing the sentences in acronyms but also removing some words.

How WYD Is Used

WYD is used as a standalone question to start a conversation with someone, it has the same meaning as used in real-time conversation between people. It is used in text messages or on instant messaging platforms.

what does wyd mean

WYD is used to gather information about the current moment of someone or in which kind of activities that person is currently engaged in. The usage of such terms is part of an informal conversation, they can’t be used in Formal conversation.

Maybe you see WYD in hashtags or comments on social media networking site, in such case its usage becomes the part of a general statement rather than a question asked by directly someone.

WYD Originated From

WYD is an internet slang which was first defined in 2009, we use such an acronym at the start of the conversation in an online texting platform to know that in which activities the other person currently busy.

wyd means

There are many other slang words which can be used instead of it such as “What’s Up“. It can be used on social media sites in the form of hashtags.

Using acronyms instead of full phrase in texting become some sort of fashion or trend, such acronym is used by the youngster, even every day we face new slang words, so in this current situations, you should be updated with slang words.

WYD Meaning in Text

WYD meaning in the text has the same meaning as we use it in the real-time face-to-face conversation.

wyd meanMostly it is used to start a conversation or at the start of a conversation to gather the information what the next person is doing these days. In the text, when you use this term, it means that you are accosted directly to the next person. For example:

First Friend: “WYD dude?

Second Friend: “Nothing bro, chilling”

Variation of WYD

There are many other slang words which can replace the WYD in texting, you may face such terms, they all have the same meaning.

what does wdym mean

Some people use WUD instead of WYD, both are used in the same sense, never confuse with it. In it, people basically replace U with the Y, it still stands for the same word which is “You”. People also use “What’s going on“, “What’s up“.

Similar Abbreviations

There are some other acronyms which are similar to WYD, some of them are listed below:

  • WYM – “What You Mean”
  • WYS  “What You Say”
  • WYO  “What You On”


Maybe the following examples help you to get this term better.


Friend #1: “Wyd after college tomorrow?”

Friend #2: “Probably going to the gym”

Although the acronym is often used as a standalone question, it can also be used as part of a longer question, as shown in the above example. In the above example, the first Friend specifies that he wants to know what the second Friend will do after college.


Friend #1: “Wyd?”

Friend #2: “Nothing special man just chilling”

In the example, the first Friend uses the abbreviation the way anyone might ask in a face-to-face conversation. The first friend is trying to know from the second Friend that What is he doing?

Quick Wrap-Up

WYD is a popular internet slang, which stands for “What You Doing” or “What are You Doing“. It is used in texting applications and social media networking sites. It is used at the start a conversation with someone, it has the same meaning as used in real-time conversation between people.

WYD is used to gather information about the current moments of someone or in which kind of activities that person is currently engaged in. Slang words are part of Informal conversation. Some people use WUD instead of WYD, which stands for the same sentence.

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  • MHM – “MHH HMM”
  • OFC – “OF Course”
  • TBH – “To Be Honest”
  • WCW – “Women Crush Wednesday”
  • SMH – “Shaking My Head”
  • HMU – “Hit Me Up”
  • LMAO – “Laughing My Ass Off”
  • DM – “Direct Message”
  • YW – “You are Welcome”
  • YH – “Yeah”
  • ILY – “I Love You”
  • AFAIK – “As Far As I Know”

Internet users have developed many slang terms over the years click here to see the list. You can also lean these Internet Slangs from Preply.

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