What Should You Do When Someone Misses You For No Reason?

Every person in this world is psychic in a way or another. It is the characteristic or we can say this is the beauty of human relationships that a person is connected to another person deeply, he connects with that person’s soul.

Clairsentience is a natural phenomenon and every person in this world is clairsentient. It means that a person has a psychic ability to sense and feel the energy of other person or feeling his presence.

What Do You Do When Someone Misses

If you speak or think about a person in a normal way, it is usual. But, along with thinking if you are overwhelmed like you are stuck and can’t stop thinking about him and you feel the energy of that person in your heart, this is what clairsentience is!

During these moments a person feels sadness and feeling of missing someone. We often miss someone and we know how to deal with it, but what if someone says to you that he or she is missing you. This situation can make you confuse for a while.

In this article, we will describe some tips what to do when someone says he is missing you, so read the article till the end.

What Does It Mean When He/She Is Missing You?

What Does It Means When HeShe Is Missing You

There are various reasons for a person to miss you, some of them are given below:

  • You have just broken up the relation and he/she is obsessed with you or regretting it and that person wants to patch up with you. It is his/her way of telling that he/she wants to meet you if you are agreeing to hook up again.
  • It is the beginning of your relationship and you have just started dating. That person is really crazy about you and wants to tell you that he/she is interested in you, he/she is really in love with you and he/she loves to get attention from you.
  • That person is not feeling secure in the relationship because you are not spending much time with him/her also he/she wants to check whether you miss him/her back or not.
  • Long distance relationships and that person is really missing you.
  • He/she has a feeling that you are drifting apart it is a way to tell you that he/she is not happy with this and getting stressed.

When Someone Says I Miss You And You Miss Them Back!

Given below are some tips you can adopt in such situation:

Reply That You Are Also MissingReply That You Are Missing Also

Well, this is obvious and the basic thing. When your loved one says he is missing you, you can tell him that you are missing him too. In this way, he can feel loved and respected and the bond between both  of you may foster.

Engage In A Conversation

Engage Into A Conversation

If that person is one you care about or love a lot, you can engage in a long conversation either by text or phone calls, whatever suits you best. This is the best way to give respect to his feeling and to show that you are also missing him.

Having a conversation will not only help both of you to share your feelings but also make you happy by decreasing that feeling of sadness. Also in this way, you send a signal to your loved one that you enjoy his company and want to talk to him.

Go For A Meeting

Go For A Meeting

If you are missing your loved one and suddenly got a message “I miss you” then you can be overwhelmed by the situation. If appropriate, instead of engaging in a conversation plan a meeting with him or just drop a message that you are coming to see him. Long distance relationships can have this demerit of not meeting when you want. But if you can, you must.

When Someone Say They Miss You And You Do Not Miss Them Back

Yes, this also happens. Given below are some tips you can adopt :

Change The Subject

In this situation, it is obvious you have to change the subject, at first. For this purpose you may say things like “what you are doing these days, I have not seen you for a long time”. You can things like that so that the topic “missing” disappears. It is the best option for you if you are good at telling a lie or you do not want to lie.

Change The Subject

Sometimes, lying becomes the last option left for you. Yes, it is a bad option and you should never do it but not replying to such thing is really rude and awkward. Given below are some alternatives words you can use:

  • Wow, yeah it has been a while.
  • Where have you been?
  • Same.
  • Yeah, long time, how have you been?

Reply With An Emoji

Reply With An Emoji

If someone texts you that he is missing you but you respect that person and do not want to hurt his or her feelings by not replying, in this case using emoji can be a great help.  You can send an emoji with a blushing face or smile in a reply. In this way, you are preventing yourself from a lie.

Say It Back

Say It Back

Another option is to say ‘I miss you too’ depending on the person. Because doing so may lead to a conversation and you are surely not in a mood to have this with specific people. If you do not want to get into a long conversation then only use emoji or just do not reply afterward.

Ignore It

Ignore It

If you receive a text from your ex or a potential stalker from whom you have been trying to move forward then ignoring and not replying is the best option. They may have sent this message because they are obsessed with you.

Note: Replying in such case means you are giving a mixed signal to them.

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