Youtube Red Free: Get Youtube Red Free For Any Country

Youtube Red Free: Youtube Red is an awesome service by Google. It comes bundled with a subscription to the Google Play Music service. Besides, you will not worry about seeing ads again while watching any video.

Youtube red free

Youtube red allows you to playback even when your screen is off. In this article, we will give you a detailed guideline on how to get Youtube red free. So if you are interested to use this amazing feature then read the article till the end.

Features Of Youtube Red

Below are given some of the features of Youtube Red:

Features Of Youtube Red

Watch Videos without Ads

There is no doubt that we all hate commercials. We get a commercial every time we start watching a video. Also, we get a pause while watching because there is also a commercial.

However, with the new function of YouTube Red, you won’t see any ads. At least until the expiration of your monthly subscription.

Watch Videos Offline

Youtube Red allows you to download videos into the cache storage of your gadget. You can also play it back when you have no internet connection. They will be available for playing in the Youtube app. 

Play Music And Video With The Screen Off

Music videos on Youtube have a huge fan following. Now Youtube Red is giving you the opportunity to keep the video playing when you are using other apps or even when your screen is off. There is no doubt that this feature proves to be a life savior.  Youtube Red, on the whole, seems to be a very useful service. 

Get Youtube Red Free With Softrino

For Youtube Red free using Softrino, follow the steps below.

Softorino videos

Download Softrino Youtube Converter

For this, you have to download the Softorino Youtube Converter from the website of Softrino. The download is free of cost so you do not have to worry.

Connect Your Device

Next, you have to Launch SYC 2 and connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer. For this, you have to use a standard USB cable.

Copy The Link

Copy a link to the video you want to see and select its quality. After that select your device. Next, and select the quality rate and specify where you want to save the video as well. Then click ‘Convert and Transfer to iPhone’. The download process will begin instantly.

How To use Youtube Red Free?

Below is given step by step guide on using Youtube Red free.

How To use Youtube Red Free

Install Youtube Background Playback

Begin by heading to your download section in your Xposed Installer app. After that, search for Youtube Background Playback. Next swipe over to the Versions tab and hit the “Download” button. You can find it next to the most recent entry. The installer interface of Android will pop up within a few seconds, so tap “Install” on this screen. After the completion of the installation process, you will get a notification from Xposed informing you that the module has not been activated yet. Moreover, a reboot is required. So make sure to reboot and activate the module in order to be all set to go.

Play Videos On Youtube Red Free

No further setup is needed when you get back up. Now you can play Youtube videos without any ads. Besides, if you click the home button, you will notice that audio playback will continue in the background. Moreover, you will see a notification that informs that you can even play videos with the screen off. Also,  thanks to your “YouTube Red” subscription.

It is worth telling you that you need to check the download section of the Xposed Installer app often. This is because you will stay updated with the module. Besides, when Google updated the app, you will be required to update the module as well.

I hope you like my post about Youtube Red Free and if you have any query then mention it in the comments section below. 


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