How To Make Each Zodiac Sign Jealous

Zodiac signs that exist are twelve. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics and traits and being jealous is one of them. Making someone jealous for the sake of their attention and to increase their love and care towards you,  you should be aware of the fact that there are different techniques for different signs.

How To Make Aries Jealous

Aries is naturally jealous, especially when in love. Aries are justified to be very possessive. They want to be the leader, and the one to have all the control, especially over people. They like to have your full attention and people born under this sign are “me first” people. To make them jealous, you must distant yourself and act like a boss at times. You should also turn a deaf ear to what they are saying and be making them feel they have absolutely no control over the situation will definitely get them triggered, hence jealous!aries and jealous

How To Make Taurus Jealous

People born under this sign are not emotionally strong and tend to hide their emotions really well. So it might be hard to figure out whether you’re succeeding or not. But it’s still possible so to make your Taurean friend jealous, do not take much notice of their activities. In addition to this, you can go talk to everybody except him/her and at the end simply give him/her a mysterious expression and leave. This ignorance will definitely make them envious.

taurus and jealous

How To Make Gemini Jealous

The reality is that Geminis are probably the least jealous sign of the zodiac. They act cool and are party loving. But they do store their jealousy inside until a certain point. and to reach that point, you should play the same game as theirs. Party hard, stay happy, travel more, make friends and give out positive vibes. Think of it as a competition with the Gemini in which you have to beat them in every field of life.

gemini and jealous

How To Make Cancer Jealous

Cancerians are known to be highly emotional. They tend to lack self-confidence and have a strong fear of abandonment. They are sensitive and very needy of your attention. So as compared to other signs, it is very easy to make a Cancerian jealous. You just need to turn a blind eye to them and straight away reject them when they come up to you with some kind of activity. At this point, you should happily go out with someone else.


How To Make A Leo Jealous

Out of every other sign, Leos are the first one to get jealous very quickly and react to the situation instantly because of their possessive nature. You just need to let your Leo friend know that there are other people too who are interested in you and want your attention and time. You can also hang out with other people and spend time with them more, this will surely ignite that spark of jealousy in Leos.


How To Make Virgos Jealous

People born under this sign are not jealous by nature so to make them jealous, extra effort is required. You just need to take more interest in other people and be more attentive toward them, while taking little notice of your Virgo friend. Try to be more happy and active when you are around people other than your Virgo friend. Go to parties well dressed without actually inviting over your Virgo friend or by canceling your plans with them, And this will surely ignite that jealousy spark easily.

virgo and jealous

How To Make Libras Jealous

Libras out of all other zodiacs, tend to be more jealous but they keep it inside them. They will not show it up and bottle it inside them until a certain point. Libras love it when people praise them. So to make them jealous, you should point out their flaws and praise others in front of them. Making them feel like they are not good at a particular thi8ng will surely make them jealous.

How To Make Scorpio Jealous

A Scorpio gets jealous easily but their anger comes with their jealousy. If you wish to make a Scorpio jealous, you should be ready to face their wrath too. To make them jealous, stay contended and cheerful as showing off your happiness can drive them crazy! Make sure your Scorpio friend is noticing how happy you are without them and how you’re enjoying every bit of your life. This will definitely make them angry and jealous.

How To Make Sagittarius Jealous

Out of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is the most difficult sign to deal with in terms of jealousy. They tend to be cool and fine with certain situations and do not take thing too seriously. However, they get irritated if you hide things from them and stop sharing your problems with them. And this irritation changes into jealousy gradually. So to make them jealous, try to distance them a bit, portray as if you’re hiding a lot of things from them and lying about situations.


How To Make Capricorn Jealous

People born under this sign feel jealous pretty easily at almost every stage of their life. It won’t be hard for you to make a Capricorn jealous. They do not like someone to get in a competition with them or even try to reach their level. So use this strategy and try to be a competition to them and make them feel like they’re no longer in control of things and play no part in your life anymore. Be your own boss.

capricorns and jealous

How To Make Aquarius Jealous

People born under this sign are mostly emotionally cold. An Aquarius is not really a jealous temperament and is not clingy. So you’ll have to be very sneaky with them. Try to have an attitude with him and do not agree with his point of view. You should also hang out with his friends while not giving him much time, However, it is not recommended to create situations that might create trust issues between you two.

How To Make A Pisces Jealous

Pisces are highly materialistic people. They get jealous if they have set goals for certain things and are working hard to achieve them and you get the same thing with little or no effort before them. Therefore, you can make them jealous by purchasing the items they’re wishing for and by showing it off all the time.Pisces and jealous

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